059: Abigail Wise: Landing Her Dream Job At Outside Magazine

What can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Abigail’s journey as she shares her experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in her business and life today.

Abigail Wise

Abigail Wise is the news editor and social media manager at Outside Magazine. She also works on Outside’s brand new podcast. She worked most recently as an associate editor at Real Simple and was a part of The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living team before that.

Nature Quote / Mantra

Leave No Trace Behind

Childhood Memory

Her dad and her step mom took her and her siblings on a canoeing trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota where she grew up. She remembers paddling through the lakes and rivers, some places following in a single file line.

During the summer the place was filled with mosquitos. They wore netting and gathered as much bark as possible to create smoke for the fire to keep the mosquitos away. She was covered with so many bites that she told her mom she had the measles.

Outdoor Experience

In 2014 her boyfriend got an opportunity to work in the south island of new Zealand. After buying an $800 car so they could get around one of their first trips was to Fiordland National Park. They went to go hiking and kayaking.

She knew is was going to be beautiful, but she will never forget the drive into the park. They went in spring and there were hundreds of waterfalls where they stopped over 15 times because of all beautiful waterfalls they had seen.

Nature Effect

It keeps her sane because she works in front of a computer screen most of the day. She says we may be at our desk and start to feel a little antsy, a little anxious or even a little depressed. Before the show she was feeling a little antsy and wanted to hit the trail so she could calm down, center herself and lift her spirits.

Inspiration to work at Outside Magazine

Abigail really wanted to work for Outside Magazine and applied four or five times before she was offered a position there. She had always loved it and grew up reading it. She new she wanted to work there and studied journalism in both under grad and graduate school.

She wrote a series of articles while at the Huffington Post called Go Rogue which was a series about the health benefits of being outside. While at Real Simple she also wrote about the health benefits of getting outside and health in general. Outside Magazine is her dream job because she gets to blend her passion of story telling with her passion for the outdoors.

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