032: Brendan Baker: The Start Of Happiness Is To Head Outdside

Start Of HappinessWhat can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Brendan’s journey as he shares his experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in his business and life today.

Brendan is an entrepreneur who helps people make a difference and an income from doing what they love. He is the founder of The Start of Happiness, a community that helps people find what they’re passionate about and start to build an income around it.

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Nature Quote / Mantra

Childhood Memory

He was in the Scouts when he was young and spent at least once a week outside. It was during this time that it really shaped his life. One of the greatest memories was when they would have a Scout Jamboree and all the Scouts would come together at one location.

They had a Scout Patrol where they would compete against each other setting up tents, going on hikes, doing high ropes courses, and going through mud courses.

Outdoor Experience

A few years ago, he and some friends went on their first Contiki Tour to the United States. One of the places they had heard so many good things about was Yosemite and they wanted to go.  They had done others trips in the US, but never done a nature trip.

They had never seen something so beautiful as they did in Yosemite. They hiked up between upper and lower Yosemite Falls and went for a swim and reflected on how amazing life is.

Nature Effect

He finds that nature keeps him grounded to what matters most in life. When he’s outdoors he reflects on his life and thinks about where he wants to go and talks through his goals. It makes him feel so much better.

It has an emotional and physical benefit he experiences with his level of happiness and motivation. It helps with his creative thinking and problem solving.

Inspirational Idea

When he was young, his brother and him would go on Sport and Recreation camps. It was during those times when they experienced archery, bush walks and sitting around the campfire . These camps inspired him to want to start or manage his own Sport and Recreation camp.

He isn’t doing camps now, but it was the catalyst for him to run his own business. From that experience, he incorporates as much outdoor activity into his life and business as he can.

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