058: Kate Dyer-Seely: A Hike That Inspired An Outdoor Mystery Series

What can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Kate’s journey as she shares her experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in her business and life today.

Kate Dyer-Seely

Kate writes the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series for Kensington Publishing, featuring a young journalist, Meg Reed, who bills herself as an intrepid adventurer in order to land a gig writing for Northwest Extreme. Only Meg’s idea of sport is climbing onto the couch without spilling her latte. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son, where you can find her hitting the trail, at an artisan coffee shop, or at her favorite pub. Better yet—at all three.

Nature Quote / Mantra

Be Still – A song by the Killers

Childhood Memory

Her best friend’s family were avid skiers, hikers and climbers and introduced her to extreme adventures. They owned a cabin on Cougar Lake in the foothills of Mount St Helens. They invited Kate one summer where her and her friend spent the summer barefoot running up and down the trail from the cabin to the little tributaries that filled the rivers. They both loved the Smurfs growing up and had collected the figurines. They had taken the Smurfs with them and built damns and fairy homes for them.

Outdoor Experience

In college, Kate took an ecotourism class to New Zealand and Australia for six months. One of their hikes was on the Abel Tasman Trail which was a 3 day hike in Abel Tasman National Park. The hike led her and her friends through one of the most beautiful forests she had ever seen with crystal clear water where they were able to see the pebbles under her feet. When they arrived at the beach of the Tasmanian Sea after their hike, they couldn’t wait to swim.

While they were swimming one of the small fishing boats near by started heading toward them frantically waving. When the fishermen were close enough to them they said “There are sharks in the water, you need to get in the boat right away”. When they were safely in the boat, the fisherman took them site seeing along the coast.

Nature Effect

Kate says it has dramatically expanded her creativity. When she’s working on a book, she spends a lot of time in the office plotting things out. After writing her goal of 2000 words, she heads outside and has found that when she unplugs, the best ideas occur to her. She says that nature has inspired her writing and freed her in a way she never expected.

Inspiration For Her Mystery Series

Kate’s first book was inspired by a hike her family went on to Angel’s Rest. Angel’s Rest is about a 45 minute drive from Portland on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. It’s roughly a 2000 foot climb to the top with a panoramic view of the river.

When they arrived at the parking lot, she had seen two Sasquatch looking guys get out of a car along with this petite girl dressed in hot pink from head to toe. She was intrigued by this girl and her out of place outfit. When they arrived at the rocky outcropping at the top, Kate thought it was a little dangerous especially since she had her son at the time. She then thought what if someone had an accident? What if it was murder? With the girl in hot pink and her new found idea about a murder on Ange’s Rest, her series was born.

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