005: Marta Goertzen: Exploring The Oregon Coast With Her Dog Bailey

Marta GoertzenWhat can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Marta’s journey as she shares her experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in her business and life today.

Marta Goertzen is an entrepreneur, dog lover, head WordPress Geek over at Trail GuideWeb Works, writer, and Oregon explorer currently living along the South Central Oregon Coast. Her new project, Selah Reflections, focuses on the importance of taking time to recharge and refresh in the midst of the chaotic world we live in.

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Nature Quote / Mantra

Where you do what you do matters – Bob Goff click to tweet!

Childhood Memory

With her dad on her first camping trip throwing rocks in the river as he was trying to fish. When it started to get dark, she got a little scared, but her dad reassured her and they made it back to the campsite safe.

Outdoor Experience

When her friend and her were coming back from Arizona and decided to take a detour to the Grand Canyon. It was the first time she had experienced something that had taken her breath away. She doesn’t remember much about the trip, but she remembers the drive up to the canyon.

Nature Effect

The outdoors helps her to focus on her work, ease her reslesness, and help alleviate symptoms of depression that she can experience during the winter, rainy months in Oregon. One of the reasons she got a dog was because she spends a lot of time on the computer and her Bailey is a reminder to get outside.

Inspirational Idea

She spends most days outside so she can change her perspective to something new and finds it very inspiring. Someday, she would like to host a business camping retreat for entrepreneurs.

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  • Lee

    We didn’t get a dog so we’d spend time outside, but having a dog gets me out of the house 3 times a day every day. Such a blessing — even in the cold, the rain, and the summer heat!

    • Dogs are so much fun! They definitely encourage outdoor play and I highly recommende them.

  • Hi Lee – dogs make such a huge difference, a big motivator to get out of the house! And you are right, cold, rain, heat, they still want and need to get outside :).