061: Michael Yarbrough: On Manliness And Nature

What can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Mikes’s journey as he shares his experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in his business and life today.

Michael Yarbrough

Mike is a husband, father, writer, woodworker, and occasional thespian. He is also the founder and curator of Wolf & Iron where he helps men heed the high call of manful living with articles and a podcast on classic manly skills and virtues.

Nature Quote / Mantra

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard – Standing Bear, Ponca Native American Chief

Childhood Memory

Mike grew up raised by a single mom in the city until he was 9 when he moved to his grandparents house in Mercer, TN. Their property was right on the Hache river and next to woods that went on for miles where he spent a lot of time. One of the best memories he had was learning to split wood for his grandparents woodburning stove.

In the beginning it was tough for a small boy and doing any type of man work was a challenge. At first it was drudgery, but eventually he got good and discovered there’s a certain monotony about that kind of work that allows your mind to flow to other things.

Outdoor Experience

Mike was in the Navy for a few years on the USS Enterprise. As a test, they is close all the doors, turn off all the lights and don’t dump any waste. The idea is to not let any other ship see them in certain situations.

One time Mike decided to head to the anchor room and step through one of the doors to a small walkway outside. It was pitch black with only the stars and the sound of the waves below. It hit him at that moment how awesome nature is and how small he is compared to what’s out there.

Nature Effect

Mike spends time in front of the computer like most of us and when he spends time outside he notices his eyesight becomes better. He feels calm and at peace. He’s also found his thoughts are clearer and he’s able to think on a deeper level.

The vast majority of the insightful thoughts he’s had, whether it’s about his family or a new project he wants to start, usually come when he’s outside.

Inspiration For Wolf & Iron

Wolf & Iron started out of a passion from his past. Growing up without a father around, his grandfather poured a lot into him. Mike also met a few guys after he married that poured into him. Within a few years he began to take on a little bit of manliness of his own and found a desire to help build up other men.

He began writing to help and inspire other men who grew up like he did, without a father. He researches men from the past because he can look at their whole life. How they lived and how it affected their children. If they were leaders or presidents he wanted to know how their decisions affected the culture and society years later.  He says we also get to see in men from the past what we don’t get to see in men today.

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