062: Ryan Shauers: From Desk To Dirtbag

What can the Nature Effect do for you? Join us on Ryan’s journey as he shares his experience with the outdoors and how it has an impact in his business and life today.

Ryan Shauers - Desk To Dirtbag

Ryan Shauers is a former legislative assistant for Congress who, at the end of 2012, left the working world to climb, hike and explore the American West for a year. He got so caught up in travel and adventure that he just decided to keep going, traveling to South America and later driving through all of Central America.

Nature Quote / Mantra

Go outside. Life is too short to watch it from a desk.

Childhood Memory

Ryan’s childhood home was right next to a little creek. On the weekends his friends would come over. They would explore up and down the creek and felt like great adventurers. Even though it was only a couple of minutes from the road, they felt like they were out in the middle of nowhere. It was there place.

Outdoor Experience

On Ryan’s first solo road trip after leaving Washington DC to travel the American West, he made it to Zion National Park. Ryan grew up in Washington and then moved to DC. Neither of these places had desert environments. He spontaneously decided to do the trans Zion trek and just start hiking. For three nights he hiked by himself and on the last day hiked down into Zion canyon where Angel’s Landing was. It was magical seeing it for the first time.

Nature Effect

Ryan felt estranged after returning from a trip back home. Sure he could have drove somewhere, but in DC there was nothing to admire or be connected to the natural world. He was constantly on the go with emails and staying up sometimes until midnight at work. He didn’t know what he was missing until he spent time immersed in the mountains or the forest.

Inspiration For Desk To Dirtbag

Ryan’s boss decided he wasn’t going to run for office again and he would be out of a job. He had a choice, he could follow the traditional path and get another job or take off on an American Road Trip. He put himself out there publicly on Facebook to hold himself accountable to go after what he wanted to do. He wrote about his adventures and began to find others who became interested in what he was doing. Ryan now lives in Columbia with his girlfriend he met there.

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