Life Should Be An Exciting Adventure

Relieve Stress ~ Restore Balance ~ Recreate Your Life

Life Should Be An Exciting Adventure

Relieve Stress ~ Restore Balance~ Recreate Your Life

Do you feel like you're just going through the motions

and something's missing from your life?

  • Most days you don't feel like getting out of bed

  • You're feeling worn out and tired all the time

  • You're overwhelmed with everything you have going on
  • You're stressed the moment you wake up

  • You struggle balancing work and life now that both are at home

  • Your life hasn't turned out the way you thought it would

If you feel like your work and life aren't going the way you thought they would,

then S'more Outdoor is just what you've been waiting for.

A message from the founder of S'more Outdoor, Brett Traudt

Your Plan For An Adventurous Life

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Create a clear vison

Create a clear vision for your

adventurous life

Develop a daily rythym

Develop a daily rythym that reminds you where you're going and helps you prioritize your life

What Will You Learn At S'more Outdoor?

  • How to get the rest you need even with a busy schedule

  • Why reconnecting with nature is the key to your mental fitness

  • My simple process for releasing all those negative and overwhelming thoughts and emotions

  • Why you're still stressed even with all the FREE information and what it really takes to relieve stress

  • Why most people don't have balance and how to finally achieve it

  • How to recreate your life so it's more adventurous and meaningful to you

Meet Your Guide

For years Brett struggled with distraction, overwhelm, and stress. Work was controlling his life. When he was at work, he was thinking about his days off. When at home he was constantly reminded about work. He wasn't experiencing work life balance and it was affecting every area of his life. He was on the verge of burnout when he took his wife on a camping trip to the mountains one weekend to get away from it all. On that trip he came alive and discovered what he was missing in life. The outdoors. From that moment on, Brett was on a mission to find out why the outdoors makes us feel so good, to help others incorporate more outdoor time into their life and to live a better story. Through his research in learning how to live a more adventurous and meaningful life, he discovered how spending more time outside has an impact on our overall mental and emotional health. Brett now teaches others how to add more time back in their life to relax and to reconnect with the outdoors so they can release the tension that’s built up and restore balance back to their life. Ultimately helping them recreate meaning in their life so they can live a more calm, balanced amd successful life.

Meet Your Guide

For years, Brett had a dream… that one day he would get married, have a nice home, a great job, travel and raise children to be good, kind, loving and compassionate toward others. This is the typical dream that most single people have about family life. Unfortunately the distractions of our modern lives, the overwhelm and the stress of balancing everything far too often impact the life we were trying to create for our family. This is what happened to him too. He began to experience the monotony of every day life. The challenges of marriage, the struggles of raising a child, job insecurity, economical impact, chaos and division around the world. He began to wonder what he could do to make a greater impact in his own family’s life while also helping other family’s break free from the negativity and pessimism that’s all around us. How do we find our way in this new world as a family to bring more joy to our lives and the lives of others, create more memories together and leave a lasting legacy that would impact our future generations? From these questions, his constant pursuit learning about the impact the outdoors has on our mental, emotional and physical health and his desire to constantly improve and grow himself so he can serve and take care of those who need him to be at his best, these questions were born. It is now his mission to not only help his own family break through and leave a legacy, but to share this message with others so together we can make an impact in the future of our families.

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