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  • Why most people don't have balance and how to finally achieve it.

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For years Brett struggled with distraction, overwhelm, and stress. Work was controlling his life. When he was at work, he was thinking about his days off. When at home he was constantly reminded about work. He wasn't experiencing work life balance and it was affecting every area of his life. He was on the verge of burnout when he took his wife on a camping trip to the mountains one weekend to get away from it all. On that trip he came alive and discovered what he was missing in life. The outdoors. From that moment on, Brett was on a mission to find out why the outdoors makes us feel so good, to help others incorporate more outdoor time into their life and to live a better story. Through his research in learning how to live a more adventurous and meaningful life, he discovered how spending more time outside has an impact on our overall mental and emotional health. Brett now teaches others how to add more time back in their life to relax and to reconnect with the outdoors so they can release the tension that’s built up and restore balance back to their life. Ultimately helping them recreate meaning in their life so they can live a more calm, balanced amd successful life.